Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Art - First Run

Sir Walter Raleigh hearing tales of the New World.

By Scrap Princess, from Patrick Stuart's Veins of the Earth.
Scrap Princess's work bypasses all convention so it can pass
directly into your limbic system. As does Stuart's.

Another of Scrap Princess's works.
Her blog, and Patrick Stuart's, are on this page's blogroll.

Signature of Cranach the Elder, 1472-1553

Phenomenal color work by Louise Sugden.

A bird made this.

by Artur Fast



  1. What a collection! I've recently had cause to pull my decade-old backup computer out of storage, this is making me think I should see what inspirational art remains on it before moving back to the newer one.

    1. Absolutely. There’s life in all kinds of old things just waiting for someone to bring it before fresh eyes again.


Art - First Run