Friday, November 12, 2021

Reader Survey

I want to check in with those who are familiar with my output, even if it’s 2023 when you first see this post.

I’m gonna keep writing stuff, that’s never gonna stop, but within that parameter I sort of have a choice of what I write. There’s a lot of stuff that interests me, there are a lot of projects and mediums I want to do work in, so it’s no impediment to learn what those whose tastes are compatible with my output particularly enjoy or don’t enjoy.

If you have commentary you’d prefer not to/can’t post here for any reason, message me at

Where do you think I get the most bang for my buck and where do you think I most need work? What are you interested in seeing me pursue from the following categories?:

Artpunk Adventures: Weird fiction Artpunk role playing game scenarios

Maximalist Generators: Generators for complex systems in RPGs (e.g. previously I’ve done religions and cities, but in the future, say, magical conspiracies, impending historical contingencies, the backgrounds of powerful occultists and their extradimensional/extraterrestrial counterparts) 

Action Adventure Stories: Weird Fiction Action Adventure short stories

Artposts: Posts about art

Meta: Posts about how stories and RPG scenarios are constructed

Special Projects: Ongoing attempts to weaponize a synthesis of the systems of King of Dragon Pass, Liberal Crime Squad and Pendragon as a kind of long-time-horizon cabal-of-leaders tabletop role playing strategy/grand strategy wargame in various settings

Something else that you think I should try

What would you like to see me prioritize?

City-State: A set of probably seven or eight short action-adventure stories with weird fiction elements; I have four written except for a final edit, two in need of rewrite, and one or two more to do depending on inspiration.

Wyrmling: Space opera RPG about golden brain parasites spawned by a serpent at the center of the galaxy who go out to devour brains and thereby accumulate knowledge of the universe.

Starling & Shrike: Hardboiled Weird Fiction action-adventure campaign setting that a lot of my generators and short stories plug into.

Passwall Gamebook: Weird Fiction action adventure gamebook a la Fighting Fantasy that I’ve done a few posts for recently.

Twin Dragons: Black Library-style WH40K novel following the arc of an Arbitrator torn from paradise as an orphan boy and cast into a Hive World that is marked for death by a great intelligence.

Something else that you think I should try

Please include any general feedback and commentary as well. Thank you.

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