Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Scarves of the Houses

Summary: I am kind of a freak for scarves, shawls and other pieces of soft, discrete printed fabric. Ideally I would walk around with reams of layered brightly-colored fabric just hanging off of me and then maybe a pair of pistols or something to balance it out, I don’t know. Fuck pants. I love Japanese blue jeans but I would give them up to receive social sanction to dress like a Japanese noble in the 1500s

I decided to see what kind of prints are on the scarves of major designer houses right now and actually some of them are very nice. These are all scarves that you could order if you had several hundred dollars laying around, though I would just hang them open on my currently-100%-blank walls or something if I were to be gifted a bulk order for promoting them

Included at the end is a bunch of other shit I found along the way.


I kind of like this as an Islamic/Altaic flag

Agates, jaspers or pyrites

Sort of Gloranthan

I'm a man, I'm a twisted fool...

Men's Scarves



Louis Vuitton

Looks like an eye where their beaks touch


Wakey wakey

Other Interesting Shit

Versace fabric and other stuff

Reminds of the Indonesian batik, of which I'm a fan


I dig that this has like a scarf for the watchband


Gucci screen
Gucci is absolute cancer at the moment, I hope rappers stop propping up their shit after their current line and they go out of business. Despite all of the retarded crazy shit on their site as of 11/25/2020 I haven't seen anything that inspires interest besides this one fucking screen. A broken clock is right twice a day and they only did it once

"Hey bro! You get to model for Gucci!" "WHAT!? Sweet! What do you want me to wear?"

Agent Provocateur

LV tops

Included for the fuck of it

Hermès tableware

Dinner plate

I dig this creamer ok


Dior earring

I stopped even looking at bags after awhile


Ferragamo. Guy looks like a Hitman guard

$179,000 Cartier pen, looks like a souvenir

Random shawls from the internet

This kind of thing is what my taste really runs toward

-Most houses have a few original prints for the season and use it to make all their new shit so once you've seen a print once you've seen a lot of the season's OC
-I dig the jungle/floral thing but I like creepily masonic symbolism too, hopeful that will be in by summer
-Versace are on the same baroque tip as me though we have different values
-Dior tries to do the jungle/maps/drawings thing as Hermès but generally doesn’t get it. Their fits are meh but they’ve got the best jewelry of any of the sites I went through.
-The cocksuckers at Chanel need to stop dicking people around with their website and just reveal the wares, not that I saw a single fucking thing I found interesting there which doesn’t surprise me for some reason
-None of this is really made for the benefit of warm-blooded heterosexuals in railway trains besides maybe the Hermès men's scarves, but I sorely regret ever going to the Balenciaga website. I think my testosterone declined by about 1% a minute which is probably the idea
-Hermès is definitely my #1 guy
-Happy Thanksgiving

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