Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Beautiful Pawn Art: Third Run

Summary: Here's the cream of my acquisitions and re-acquisitions from my recent vacation to the family home in Seattle. This set includes Pathfinder, Starfinder and Kobold Press pawns.


The name makes this for me

This one just does it for me, dunno why. The color? The angularity of the cloak-stretch? The pose?

I am a sucker for little floating crowns. The other day I bought a sparkling kitsch bird with a crown for a buddy and then another for myself without telling him

I am also a sucker for the blue and gold good guy schtick

This is what Gods look like in my work except with more eyes


Imagine the clattering when he turns his head

"Paint me like one of your Fr-"

I like this guy cause he looks like he's in dire need of a trade

I like the idea of veins going through feather-fields even though that's probably not what's happening

There's a particular kind of old fantasy art not usually associated with roleplaying games that reminds me of this but I'm not sure what it's called


Captain West Virginia

Reminds me of the late game bruisers in Oni, underrated game

Literally a sci-fi Barghest

This is the first of two Reptoid ships in this set. Both are from a Starfinder adventure path about conspiracies

The Questgiver. I am a sucker for this kind of expression in these pawns

Menace to Society-tier


Absolutely horrifying

How could we have let this happen?

Tucker's Kobolds on the offensive

"There it is. Open fire"


God I am a sucker for ships with rotary autocannons. Shoutout to the Auroran Firebird

Fuck I love pumpkin beer, shoutout to Elysian Great Pumpkin and Punkuccino

I like this wing arrangement

*Big Pimpin' starts playing*

I keep thinking about not including this one but then I keep wanting to include it

Thank these ones for coming out

Look at the shit the demon's carrying. Come to think of it those are in-universe holy symbols, I'd just thought they were jewelry or trinkets

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