Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Visions of Space

The infinite prairie of potential; the infinite jungle of disaster 

Star-pattern organisms; entities whose atomic structure or nodal composition points are stars, their functions distributed across the network. You are a citizen of an entity which you know or don’t know, worship or prey upon, who is your tutelary deity, volksgeist, living symbol or an utter irrelevancy 

Nets of ore like tendrils of prismatic fingers closing around the core of the world; clasping it, grasping it, crushing it or magnetically dragging it to its fate, electrodes hooked up for torture

An expeditionary cult to flame angels

His wings grow from his chest and shoulderblades

The death of time in his universe; he found a moment of bliss when it died and achieved heaven. The other feared wireheading and obliterated himself in such a way as to shift phase, turned to existential charcoal but sentient

A wily, foxy asteroid whose luminous lichenic symbopsoriasis gives thrust through ionic emissions

A composite stone awarded to a gas giant deity for service in sealing a solar information leak from an exocosmic meme war; he has opened the stone for a sky-temple despite the subordination implied in receiving a medal, but as the issue transcended the cosmos he feels it is appropriate

A living sheath that serves as a nebula guide and porter; envelops and transports material that would be degraded by exploration by psychomimetic resonance ghosts, such as communications and data entrapment devices. Bringing an unshielded ansible into the nebula would turn it into a giant simultaneic neurosynchronizer, flooding comms and rewriting personalities for several parallax minutes around the nebula before burning out

A malfunction in a beam DEP fired through an ionic degradation field disentrapped by battle damage causing portions of the target’s vaporizing flesh to undergo ionic crystallization through entrapped secondary airborne sand (the ship had been hit with a sandcloud KEP but the surviving armor regraded; the captain had wisely membranized the armor before the prowl). The DEP operator had whipped the weapon in a spiral for a moment, cutting the target into about 30 distinct pieces, but as the chunks of flesh drifted from their former places they traced crystal matter in the air between them which calcified into luminous, translucent cyan matter energetically forwarding neural signals and electromagnetically echoing work between severed surfaces of flesh. The cyan zebra-pattern juggernaut lashed out and crushed the DEP bearer with a single swing of a glowing composite limb before staggering to a damage control station and vacuum-sealing himself in a cryopreservation sack.
After the battle, the ship’s surgeon assumed command as the highest ranking officer (the captain was psychically dissolved when the Xanthipine boarding element vented an up-down synchronicity cutter into the bridge) and excised large quantities of flesh infrastructure from surviving cadavers, using them to construct bloodflow transmitters between the split one’s islands of flesh in a kind of dark scaffolding linked across the glowing blocks and bands of ion crystal. The surgeon finished with the trivial installation of a caloric battery and awakened the subject.
Whether this de novo hominis will become a hero or villain is yet to be seen.

Convergence cloud- distributed nebula with particles here and there in important places. When the time comes, it will coalesce into a creature and parse out all the things it has seen. Then it will decide what to do about them

The wolf-jaws closing, a crosshatched shotgun-blast of asteroids, the world sure to shatter in the flow-shard mixture of shearing rock, frictive lava and million-MPH dust

A city-state hosted in a pulsar, all elements whirled out in projection and re-contained through gravitation, held in a state of ethereality through a sui-generis habitable zone
Hurled out into materiality- a dangerous process, ripe for impurities
Reciphered into stasis-locked crushed distribution; made astral-ethereal

A rainbow of bioforms bound for an unknown destination

Existential sterilization; sun-snuffing by exocosmic forces 

A bastard sun not created through the usual processes; without its place in the stellar ecology 

The great potential for physical actualization played out in the life of a high ruler; nothing is theoretical, not from their relationships to their ideas about economics to their ambitions for society and culture

An empress in pale and gold kissing a rugged face; some things never change 

A golden asteroid hosting shadowed caverns with pits of tar

A thing beheld at a distance, a thing uninterrupted by arbitrary context, a thing unto itself and superimposed against infinite vastness

Art - First Run