Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Beautiful Pathfinder Pawns

 Summary: Here are the most beautiful Pathfinder pawns in my collection. 

I recently posted my most beautiful and interesting Starfinder pawns here:
I used to hate Starfinder art but Paizo stepped their game up. Incidentally, I feel the same way about Age of Sigmar; I think they've got the right idea now pivoting to crazy ass chaos militias (the Unmade, the Corvus Cabal, the Splintered Fang et al) the same way GW's been exploring 40k with their Rogue Trader retinues. Their recent spell sculpts have been awesome; no longer embarrassed to peruse AoS in public

Note that a few of these are from Kobold Press pawn sets

Recommend clicking images to bring them up in the lightbox for superior perusal. I have a few pieces of commentary here and there, keywords: psychopomp, architecture, polity, Hapsburg

No Shit Legit Tip Top Tier

Gotten a lot of underwater mileage out of this

The Psychopomps are very cool; they're the spirits that guide you to your final afterlife. There are many many races of outsiders in the Paizoverse that are roughly equivalent in scope to the Tanar'ri, Baatezu et al. Sahkil are Psychopomps who get butthurt about the role foisted upon them, and take it upon themselves to make themselves as nasty as possible to terrorize mortals; the Qolok Sahkil is like something out of LotFP

Aboleths the way aboleths should be

God I love demiliches. And the guy on the right is bad ass

The dude is like Boba Fett as a paladin and the girl's armor has a beautiful color. She's like Hapsburg royalty gone gypsy

For more oriental adventures:

Love these lads

The boys in blue. Both Starfinder and Pathfinder have this thing where you can find lots of great examples of tough looking good guys in blue fabric amidst a lot of the usual goofballs; I have a squad for each that sort of represent "host nation forces" for when the PCs are assisting a good-aligned polity.

The crown jewel of my collection

High Tier
Here are some enemies for our bluecoats. Peacocking nobles, yugoloths and Paizo chaos warriors

Now on to the rest

I like that the vampire on the left could be in agony; not an enviable character, but one experiencing "passion" in the old sense. The other one has a very effective use of shadow in her eyes; I remember reading in Ruskin (by way of False Machine) about his fetish for shadow in architecture; I thought "haha, ah you gothic codger". But the idea stuck with me, and the next time I went on one of my architecture drives I realized he was goddamned right and shadow is a huge part of the effect of a building; part of the reason I love nighttime underlighting and Halloween so much.

I'm obsessed with masks as an element of equipment, uniform or fashion among warriors and killers

Guy on the right just looks like a retired actor


Great way of doing the raven; a lot of Paizo animals are just chillin with no context

The Most. Beautiful. Pawns.

Guy in the center reminds me of the Krypt from EV Nova; a hive mind storing the consciousnesses of runaway psychics in a distorted asteroid space around a ruined planet employing inertialess asteroids filled with nanites to probe visiting spacecraft. Could disassemble you in a heartbeat if you fired on them

The only effective giant toad/frog I've seen in an RPG


Alec Baldwin as Alain, Cavalier

*Tusken Raider noises*

These are just cool

Gucci mane

Kind of a noonwraith thing going on in the middle

He doesn't like you. I don't like you either!

Tacticool crossbowman on the right

Pokeball go! Now we will discuss the location of your hidden drugs

Chihiro stand-in for your Goose Gold and Goblins game. Or your PC's chair-o

General Population
Some stuff  I just wanted to throw in

This guy has little spirals for eyes IMO

Guess they don't make orcs like they used to. IMO this is a good guy voiced by Ron Perlman

Closing randos A

Closing randos B

Visions of Blood

Throne room

Kind of a Devil's Causeway thing

My players experiencing a recreation of the Battle of Mogadishu during an escape from Carceri

Flooded city roved by raiders

We need more of this shit

Some interesting-looking Pathfinder creatures I don't have the pawn for:
Alexeara Cansellario (helmet)
Endranni Malesk
Ninkonda Angel
Shield Archon
Maritas Clandegar
Othaos Aeon
Gate Archon
Lipika Archon
Moon Dog (looks like Saruman)
Empyrean Angel
Gunpowder ooze
Tarry demodand
Catrina psychopomp (OG, differs from one in this post)
Rope Dragon (just interesting)

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