Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Art Contest Entry: Laren Dar at the Bridge

Summary: This is my entry for the Noisms art contest to draw a color picture of Laren Dar, an Etruscan fighter played by Patrick Stuart. I also did a reading of Horatius from the Lays of Ancient Rome by Macaulay to accompany my illustration. The poem is about a vast Etruscan army attempting to capture Rome so that they can sack it and reinstate an obligated Roman monarchy.

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Shame on the false Etruscan
Who lingers in his home,
When Porsena of Clusium
Is on the march for Rome.


  1. Awesome, the antennae on the helmet and venus of willendorf on the shield really sell this guy. I'd grab some whatever-the-Etruscan-equivalent-of-garum-was with him.

    1. Ant garum! I’m glad you like him, and I’m sure he likes avatars of existential refurbishment so you guys would get along great


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