Friday, January 7, 2022

Call for Contributors: David McGrogan of Monsters & Manuals

I would like to promote David McGrogan’s call for contributors to his upcoming zine, In the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard, which will go to Kickstarter this spring.

This is a chance for relative unknowns to showcase their abilities and reach new readers. Being selected indicates David’s stamp of quality and will carry one’s work on the advertising tide of a Kickstarter campaign.

I will be submitting several original works to this project. Excellent contributions by other writers and artists will tend to increase the value and the reach of the zine, and in doing so will promote and elevate the contributions of everyone involved. A rising tide lifts all boats.

From David’s post:

In the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard is a new magazine which publishes hexmaps, dungeons and adventure sites for ‘old school’ fantasy games; art; and fantasy fiction. 

It seeks to promote the the beautiful, the strange, the heroic, the fantastical, and, above all, the imaginative.”

You can submit works in the following categories:
-An original hexmap, dungeon or adventure site, accompanied by a fully keyed map (this does not need to be aesthetically pleasing - merely clear and legible), with the minimal stats necessary for use in standard ‘old school’ fantasy games (minimum 2,000/maximum 10,000 words) 
-An original work of art, in full colour, in at least 300dpi format, for a B5 page (full or half page)
-An original short work of fantasy fiction (maximum 5,000 words) 

£300 for a piece of cover art 
£200 for a full-page piece of art 
£100 for a half-page piece of art 
2.5p per word for hexmaps, dungeons and adventure sites (no payment is made for the maps themselves) 
3p per word for fiction

The deadline is February 15th to be included in the first edition.

Email submissions to:

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