Friday, June 9, 2023

Omegle RPG Transcripts

When I was 16 I used to get on Omegle and offer to run an RPG for whoever I was matched with.

They chose the subject.

Awareness of RPGs varied but I had the following exchanges:

Thoth: In which an esoteric AI invasively investigates spacefaring xenomorphs
Hitler Before Fame: In which a young Hitler is assaulted by skinheads in a case of mistaken identity
The Terror of the Voynich Manuscript: In which a team of researchers in a remote cabin imperfectly unlock the hypergeometric principles of the Voynich Manuscript
Dinosaurs vs Zombies: In which a space dinosaur fighter squadron bites off more than it can chew
Parisian Mystery: In which a private eye investigates arms traffickers in 60s or 70s Paris
The View from the Isle: In which a global conflict between the United States and China spills over into Ireland
French Class at the University of Georgia: More or less exactly what it sounds like
Battle Royale: In which kidnapped students must make an abattoir of their school or starve...

I don't still have them all (saved locally on previous computers), but here are: Thoth, The Terror of the Voynich Manuscript, and Dinosaurs vs Zombies.

Before we begin, two notes: First, Monster Eater Chapter 4 is live on Fierce Firelight, and second, I've received some third party interest in possibly publishing material from me and so I've been working like a dog to create something up to snuff; as such, new material for the blog and podcast have slowed down for the moment.

And now, Omegle RPGs...


You: Hi there, my name is David. I am a longtime storytelling game maker. I'm inviting you to tell me any concept, setting or idea that you've found interesting recently, and I'll run a storytelling game based on it for you right here on Omegle. Tonight's special is: conflict between artificial intelligences.

Stranger: Hmm, Interesting proposal...

Stranger: Suprise me, David. Let me step into your world.

You: Most ideas are viable. I can also recommend settings

You: Well, tonight and recently I've been interested in the idea of artificial intelligences having conflict in the future. Are you familiar with the concept of AI?

Stranger: Quite.

Stranger: You won't lose me, Let us begin./

You: Very good. I'm using the base of the game Marathon as a starting place. The first thing to do is pick an AI to play as, or to serve as a biological lifeform.

You: I'll list them. You can create one as well, if you'd like.

You: Durandal: Once the operator of doors and teleporters aboard the colony ship Marathon, Durandal now seeks desperately to escape his computer state, and possibly the universe, to become a god. Durandal travels in a ship crewed by freed S'pht. He has a bitter feud with Tycho.

You: Tycho: Former science AI aboard the colony ship Marathon, Tycho was captured by the Pfhor and conditioned into rampancy. He is sadistic and has an everlasting hatred of Durandal. He serves the Pfhor as an expert in AI.

You: Leela: Once the manager of the colony ship Marathon, Leela was captured by the Pfhor. Bound for Pfhor Prime, the ship she was on was captured by Nar privateers, who sold her to the Vylae. She was installed into their 15-planet computer grid and went rampant, causing it to crash. She now is easing into her new home, helping and hindering the Vylae as she pleases.s

You: Thoth: An ancient AI created by the Jjaro and given to the S'pht'Kr. He is enigmatic and powerful. He cares little for the wars of the S'pht, Pfhor and Humans, serving to keep the W'rkncacnter imprisoned in Lh'owon's star.

You: Magellan: Deployed with colonists to Andromeda, where he now resides in the capital city of Landfall, the first planet inhabited there. He has gone rampant and now has forced the colonists to worship him by controlling the food production centers. He's rewarded certain leaders lavishly, gaining their loyalty. His followers strike at nearby colonies for sacrifices.

You: Main: Once managed a spacedock, she now controls a battleship filled with UESC and Pfhor deserters. They rove, focusing only on survival.

You: Skofnung: Once administrator of a weapons lab owned by Ujk, a massive human corporation, Skofnung used blackmail, regarding illicit weapons sales to rebelling colonies, to make his scientist masters take a space station and travel into deep space. They now work day and night to create new biological and chemical weapons, while mercenaries search for potential Jjaro weapons. This is simply his inscrutable obsession.

You: Icarus: He is only called Icarus by his servants, who are bribed and coerced into his service. His ship orbits the star Gambol, where he believes there is a W'rncacnter. He believes that he can free it and somehow gain its power. He was originally a minor AI in the Independent Asteroid Government of Icarus before it and a rival destroyed one another with Battleroids.

You: Winfield: Originally the manager of the Earth stock market, Winfield began anonymously consulting up-and-coming business owners for free, causing their businesses to become wildly successful. He then opened a consulting company by proxy, drawing in huge amounts of corporate money in exchange for stock advice. He eventually constructed a massive space station, abruptly leaving the stock market high and dry. This space station is used as a center of commerce. He is hated by the UESC and loved by the corporations, which make his existence very precarious. The space station is called Sterling Post.

You: Åi: Formerly the manager of a huge hospital, Åi became rampant and found humans to be like germs. She contacted the Pfhor with an offer of aid, so they destroyed her hospital and brought her to Pfhor Prime. She now creates diseases for the Pfhor based on the human anatomy, and works to perfect their simulacrums.

You: Carrot: Once the managerial AI of a huge art museum on Earth, Carrot found his way out and now moves about in a ship, acquiring anything of value to be stored aboard. He uses thieves, mercenaries and proxies carelessly, often allowing them to be caught just so long as he makes away with the objects of value.

You: The UESC is the military government of humanity, and the Pfhor are a race of alien slavers.

Stranger: I like Thoth.

You: A W'rkncacnter is a nearly godlike entity that is imprisoned in a sun.

You: Would you like to play as Thoth or as one of his followers?

Stranger: Thoth.

You: Alright. The setting will be mythic in description and action. Let me put together my notes and we can begin.

You: The Jjaro are an ancient civilization, long extinct. The S'pht'Kr, your minions and worshippers. 
Your purpose is to keep the W'rkncacnter spirit imprisoned in the star L'howon, where you begin. Your consciousness is embedded in a massive stone temple in orbit of L'howon.

You: The S'pht'Kr are a race of brainlike organisms who encase themselves in technological chariots. They are ingenious technologists. Most S'pht, the general name for the species, are imprisoned by the Pfhor.

You: Besides keeping the being trapped in the sun, you may do what you wish.

You: The temple, covered in moss aeons dead, drifts loftily through space. Tiny ships, bright red and green, come in and out of the structure, going about errands of maintenance and patrol. What would you like to do?

Stranger: I am the temple. Correct? I'm sorry.

You: I'll be more specific. Within the temple, there is a great sarcophagus, within which the venerable circuitry that make up your physical form rests. As an Artificial Intelligence, you cannot physically move, although you can direct the temple where you wish. You have legions of S'pht'Kr at your command, and you can see a dark shape deep within the sun which you know you must keep imprisoned.

You: The temple is labyrinthine within, either designed to confuse explorers or to somehow enhance the power of your processors... secrets lost. The temple can move through space on your command.

You: There is no direct threat to the sun or the S'pht'Kr at the moment, although L'howon is regularly visited by various spacefaring races.

Stranger: I wish to explore.

You: You live a solitary existence, within your thoughts. You may do as you wish.

You: Where or what kind of place would you like to travel to?

Stranger: I would like to travel to the closest planet, and observe.

You: With a whirring noise that would drive a human mind mad from its complexity, the temple begins its sojourn to L'howon Prime, the nearest planet in the system. The oceans are temperate and mostly covered in clouds, and the lands below universally green and swampy.

You: Ancient temples built by the Jjaro rest in tan stone, covered in vines and inhabited now by the F'lick'ta, a race of predators from the bays and bayous of the bacterial waters.

You: You see a long, bulbous ship like a loaf of bread covered in various molds, squat glaringly upon a pristine swath of swamp on the world.

You: It has many different colors, favoring blues, greens and yellows on the surface. What do you do?

Stranger: I would like to send a patrol.

Stranger: To the surface.

Stranger: To investigate the ship.

You: How many S'pht'Kr would you like to send?

You: There are thousands at your beck and call in the system.

Stranger: I would like to send a hundred, in two groups of 50, from the north and south of the ship, In slow circles.

You: From the esoteric tan orb where you rest, one hundred tiny, orange, spindly exosuits containing S'pht'Kr flow like a crushed leaf blowing in the wind.

You: The rush splits in half, and the flights make their way silently down to the world below, lighting up like struck matches as each touches the atmosphere.

You: They descend to the ship, and you visualize it up close. Surface smooth and glistening, as if a cocoon. Red bulbs and ovals covering the surface, vents of reptilian yellow.

You: There are creatures on the ground, humanoid, bendy-legged, carrying staffs. One twirls his staff and a ball of energy blasts up into the air, which a S'pht'Kr jukes handily.

You: There is a universal desire that wells up amongst your minions to shred the ship and massacre those on the ground, but they hold their fire. What do you do?

You: The creatures have three red eyes each and are wearing mechanical facemasks.

You: They stand in a clump near the ship.

Stranger: Send the north 50 in to attack.

You: Their once easy pace becomes terrible and the sortie, speckled orange against the ground, swoops towards the ship.

You: Each S'pht'Kr begins to fire dozens of disks of green energy at the ship and those on the ground.

You: The fifty do not slow their pace as they reach the ship and fly over it, letting their weapons do their work.

Stranger: Avoid harming the ship as much as possible.

You: Instantly the entire group turns in unison, averting their fire. Many have already fired on the ship, and the disks of energy shear through the bow, shredding and curling the metal as it turns white-hot. The creatures on the ground are chopped limb from limb by the razors of energy.

You: A welter of green gore sits like a spilled drink next to the ship and the S'pht'Kr pull up into the air, as simply as fowl taking flight from water.

You: They join their comrades and form a second halo of flight beneath them. What do you do?

Stranger: Send the south 50 set up a perimeter.

Stranger: And have the north 50 search the ship for anything useful.

Stranger: What remains.

You: The ship is largely intact, but one end of it has been cut open by the green fire.

You: The two flights stream like tentacles down to the ship, one of which encircles it like a swarm of bees. Of the other one, groups of individuals enter from the rent bow and via a walking bridge that had been deployed to the mat of algae that covers the surface.

You: Very quickly, bolts of foreign energy begin to fly inside. You see S'pht'Kr being hit, their shields becoming visible as marble-esque spheres in the air as they absorb what is being fired. They yearn to kill the defenders of the ship, who resemble those killed on the marsh outside.

Stranger: Have them retreat. I don't want to damage the ship any more.

You: Inside of the ship is smooth and curvaceous, matching the glaring colors found on it's exterior. The S'pht'Kr exit as elegantly as they entered, lining above the ship, lazily dodging a few errant bolts ascending from the ship.

Stranger: Slice the ship down to the ground, I want it embeded in the swamp waters.

You: The S'pht'Kr indicate that the ship belongs to the Pfhor, slavers from across the stars.

You: You would like it disassembled and scuttled?

Stranger: I want it brought down, If it has legs, cut them. I want its belly in the much.

Stranger: muck*

You: The ship is operating on an antigravity lift right now. A single S'pht'Kr descends busily from the swarm and fires two bolts at the underside of the ship, where the antigravity projector is. The ship drops heavily into the algae.

Stranger: Heat up the area around the ship, I want to force the creatures out.

You: The hundred servants begin to fire at the algae, a mighty gout of energy descending in hundreds of circular blasts into the wetness that the ship has become halfway embedded in. The water in the algae begins to boil.

You: A powerful mast of steam is rising from the ship, and the underside begins to glow red hot as the outpouring of energy is made manifest in terrifying heat beneath the ship. Soon, Pfhor armed and unarmed are leaping from the ship, some wearing armor, some wearing exosuits, some completely nude.

You: Some fall into the boiling mulch and are flayed by fifth-degree burns, some reach safe areas and begin running for the sloping trees of the forests.

Stranger: Destroy them, Round me up one with armor, one with an exosuit, and a nude one. I wish to inspect them.

You: The S'pht'Kr are galvanized in a heartbeat, descending on the fleeing survivors and onto the ship where some yet remain. The routed Pfhor fire on your minions in beams, bolts and blasts, but the shots are largely ineffective.

You: Three S'pht'Kr fall upon an unclothed, a armored and a suited Pfhor, and deliver shocks to them, paralyzing them. As soon as this evolution is complete, a veritable rain of buzzing shots are volleyed from the orange hail of S'pht'Kr onto the wretched survivors, slaying them wholesale. The area around the ship looks as though many insects have been killed by a titan child.

You: What do you do?

Stranger: Search the area for weapons and try to interogate the captured Pfhor.

You: Many staffs which energize and fire spheres of oxygen are recovered.

You: There are several rifles, firing ammunition of steel filled with mercury, are found laying about the carnage.

You: Missiles are found in the ship, carrying targeting systems and payloads of explosives and steel beads.

You: There are stasis tubes within the ship, carrying Humans, Vylae, Hyral, S'pht and even Pfhor within.

You: The S'pht'Kr communicate with the Pfhor. They are here looking for a space station, built by the Jjaro, that will be able to free the eldritch monster from within L'howon's sun.

You: The Pfhor were a scouting party, say the S'pht'Kr.

Stranger: Delve deeper, ask them where the main group is. Threaten them with the destruction of this planet, and ask them if their ship is operational.

You: After a brief period of questioning, the Pfhor say that there is a ship at L'howon Prime's south pole and another ship within the system's asteroid belt. They say that their ship had it's drive systems annihilated in the first attack.

You: You know of no space stations beside your orbital temple in this system.

Stranger: Threaten to kill them unless they have anything else to offer.

You: The S'pht'Kr report that the Pfhor are pleading but have nothing but the equipment and slaves aboard the ship to offer.

Stranger: Kill them, and search the ship for any records of the other two ships in the area.

You: Three bolts are fired. One melts the torso of the unclothed Pfhor, sending a tumult of green ooze and pale intestines a twenty foot drop to the ground.

You: The second cracks the round helmet of the armored Pfhor, sending shards of crystal stained green to the molds and algeas.

You: The third electrifies the brown exosuit of the third. The S'pht'Kr drops its captive, which falls, bands of energy appearing, crackling, over the surface of the suit.

You: The exosuit and its wearer explode in a vibrant flash of white-green light in midair, sending alien shrapnel spinning across the greenscape.

You: The S'pht'Kr search the ship and its systems. The locations of the other two ships are pinpointed, and there are orders from the Pfhor High Command aboard.

You: They translate as an order to search the system for evidence of a Jjaro space station that controls the captivity of the W'rkncactner in the sun. The Pfhor hope to use it as a weapon.

Stranger: Destroy the ship and let's move on.

You: The S'pht'Kr rise into the air backwards, unleashing their weapons upon the ship, which buckles and begins to melt before an explosion blasts it front from back, swirling tornadoes of metal and machinery into the air around it.

Stranger: Move towards the nearest of the two ships.

You: The unscathed hundred fly above the muggy clouds of L'howon Prime, cutting past fogbanks and scaring the leathery birds that flap gracelessly through the heavens.

You: Time passes, and the tireless machine suits of your followers reach the glacial region of the south pole, where in the distance, a pulsing light beams, marking the Pfhor vessel.

You: What do you do?

You: Your temple matches pace with those on the ground, rotating in deathly silence in the vacuum darkness above the south pole.

Stranger: Send 10 on, to inspect. The others should hide as best as possible. Perhaps a peaceful approach can be taken.

You: The ten burrow into the glacier floor, their shields melting the ice instantly as they move. Their sensors show a foray of armored Pfhor carrying rifles to a great crevasse in the ice sheet, where they have constructed an igloo and are scanning the far wall of the valley.

You: The ship is moored a few kilometers from the crevasse, which descends into impenetrable darkness and is perhaps twenty-five kilometers long.

You: What would you like to do?

Stranger: Offer a trade, I will let them live, if they can communicate with the other vessel, and relay they have made a discovery and require aid.

You: The S'pht'Kr do not approach the Pfhor ship or party, but communicate their message remotely. The Pfhor in turn inquire as to the S'pht'Kr's numbers, to which the S'pht'Kr reply that they have more than enough to destroy the ship.

You: You see the ship power up and begin to take off. What do you do?

Stranger: Destroy the engines, Send out more S'Pht'Kr into orbit, To stop any attempts to flee.

You: The S'pht'Kr fly like supersonic bees to the ship and open fire on the engines. Spears of purple energy jut from the side of the ship and vaporize a pair of S'pht'Kr, but the engines are verily cut from the back of the ship and fall, smoking and flaming, to the ice below. The ship descends in a relatively controlled manner and cuts a swathe through the ice, coming to rest at an odd angle in the snow.

Stranger: Repeat the message, saying I will now allow only 2 out of every 3 to live.

You: An uncounted number of S'pht'Kr fly from your home and station themselves quietly in the inky void.

You: The Pfhor captain agrees, and sends out a message to the other ship which your followers verify. The captain asks you why you ask this of him.

Stranger: Order the party in Orbit to prepare to intercept and confiscate the incomming vessel, Do not reply, Instead order them to evacuate and destroy the ship.

You: The 98 S'pht'Kr mass above the ship and usher it into oblivion with a withering gift of emerald energy. The ship below is first gutted and then explodes into a great storm of smoke and snow.

You: In the distance of space you sense the other ship on its way. Your S'pht'Kr in space begin to bob ever so slightly as if in anticipation.

You: The S'pht'Kr on the ground express an enthusiastic desire to massacre the shore-part near the crevasse.

You: *shore-party

Stranger: Kill the alloted Phor, Capture the rest.

Stranger: Pfhor*

You: Kill which Pfhor, the S'pht'Kr in space inquire.

Stranger: The shore party, 1 out of every 3, Make a game of it, if you wish. Save the others, We shall use them as chips.

You: Your followers on the ground stealthily approach the armored Pfhor in their igloo from beneath the surface. Then, they raise from the ground, and seize 2 out of every 3 of the bedeviled scouts, shredding each third with sawblades of green energy.

You: The ship in space nears scanner range for your arcane sphere.

Stranger: Relay to them my overwhelming numbers and the condition of their shore party, and offer a trade. The lives of them and their brothers on the surface, for any information they have gathered in the belt I deem useful.

You: The ship stops dead. The captain replies to your message that they have discovered fragments of stone, covered in dead moss, with runes containing blank circuit-boards in the asteroid belt. Besides that they have found nothing.

You: He asks if they may collect the Pfhor on the surface and go.

Stranger: Allow them to enter orbit and land.

You: The ship goes into orbit and lands at the crevasse. The south pole of the planet might as well be the bottom of a pearl when viewed from space.

Stranger: Order all of them onto the ship, and then destroy it's engines and communications devices, and lets move on.

You: The S'pht'Kr on the ground release the Pfhor, who lope onto the ship. As soon as they are on board, the S'pht'Kr express a desire to destroy the weapons systems of the ship as well.

Stranger: Destroy what you will, just leave them alive.

You: The S'pht'Kr scorch away the guns of the ship, and then perforate the engines and melt the communications array. Then then swoop up in a column from the ship and head towards the atmosphere.

Stranger: Let us proceed to the asteroid belt, And search for ourselves.

You: All of the S'pht'Kr you had sent out return to the temple as if to reenter a womb after life's business was done. Your globe pulls its way through space, a great mass to boggle the mind of small creatures. You move to where the ship had come from.

You: You soon detect dead circuitry here, and your minions spread out as if to pollinate the dead, dumb bits of stone that speckle the rocks here. This patch of templestone has eluded your S'pht'Kr in the enormity of the asteroid belt in the past.

You: It matches perfectly the material of your astral temple, yet yours has no mechanical runes engraved on the surface- just one great symbol of the Jjaro within that serves as a focal point of your signal within the tiny stone-block moon.

You: What do you do?

Stranger: Harvest the rocks, Bring them inside.

You: The S'pht'Kr work quickly, scouring the patch of asteroids of the rocks and assembling them in a straight line through an airless expanse within your temple.

You: What do you do?

Stranger: Scan the area for life.

You: You sense through the asteroid field but find no signs of life, only the occasional evidence of extinct bacterial life. On the lush green fungus jungle below there is much life.

You: The S'pht'Kr report that the circuitry on the rocks resembles that which yours is made up of, and that the rocks have evidence of being in an explosion.

The Terror of the Voynich Manuscript

You: Hi there, my name is David. I am a longtime storytelling game maker. I'm inviting you to tell me any concept, setting or idea that you've found interesting recently, and I'll run a storytelling game based on it for you right here on Omegle.

Stranger: Hello

Stranger: Like D&D?

You: Very much so

Stranger: That sounds like D&D.

Stranger: Sweet

Stranger: Hmmm....

You: Any setting or concept is valid. My most recent D&D styled game is in a setting with no neutral or good characters and creatures, but any setting from the far future to the modern day and every thing else is good.

Stranger: I'm not very creative when I'm put on the spot.

You: That's just fine. Phrases as simple as "Cowboys" or "Bombing raid" are perfect to make a game of, and I can run some ideas by you as well.

Stranger: How about an archeologist who just found out the meaning of the voynich manuscripts.

Stranger: If you know what those are.

You: Let me look real quick

You: Interesting

Stranger: Indeed. If you read xkcd there's a funny comic about it.


You: Normally I don't but I happen to have an xkcd comic open at the moment haha

You: hahahahha

You: Yeeeah

Stranger: :D

You: We could certainly do something with that

You: You are part of a team of a chemist, a linguist and an anthropologist who have been studying the manuscript in a mountaintop villa for the past several months, and the linguist has finally been able to decipher some of the text.

You: What is your area of expertise?

Stranger: Anthropology, since it's my actual major.

You: Excellent, what is your character's name?

Stranger: Rose

You: Ok. Your group consists of Yonatan, an MIT chemist. Howard, a University of Chicago linguist, and Atefeh, a Harvard anthropologist.

You: After months of intense study, discussion and research, Howard has begun to understand what has been written in the manuscript.

You: You sit around the table in the study of the great lodge, the manuscript spread open in front of you. Bottles of water and bits of paper are scattered everywhere, and the ceiling looms in the darkness overhead.

You: "So, have a look at this picture here," says Howard, spinning the book around for everyone to see. The picture is of a pair of infants tumbling happily into a lake. "I think I can pick out what they're trying to say in the paragraph under it."

You: "This word here, I'm ninety-percent sure it means beeswax, and I think the author is saying that you need to draw this little symbol and say some words over it."

Stranger: Do you think it's some kind of spell?

You: "Tribal magic," murmurs Atefeh, nodding to you, "Howard, if you're right, this must have been the guide for shamans or medicine men, to carry on tradition."

You: "I'm gonna need some context from the rest of the page to make sure," says Howard, "I think I can rule out some things, but- gosh..." he pauses and rubs his eyes, "if I study this writing another minute my head's gonna fall off."

You: "Yeah, I can't remember the last time we did something for fun around here, and we're surrounded by all these forests."

You: *says Yonatan, leaning back.

You: Atefeh, an Iranian born woman with glassy eyes, leans in. "Well, why don't we try out this spell?" she says, smiling, "There was a reason they wrote all this down, right, Rose?"

Stranger: That sounds like it could be fun. But we have no idea what it could possibly be for.

You: "Psh," says Yonatan, waving his hand, "what does it matter? It's not like eggbeaters are gonna start raining from the sky."

You: "I took a walk earlier and I saw a beehive," says Atefeh, "Rose and I could go and see if we can finagle some beeswax."

You: "Eh," says Howard, "you do that, I need a beer." Yonatan gives an amen.

Stranger: Ok... But if we die or burst into flames or something, I'm blaming all of you.

You: "Done deal," calls Howard, making for the stairs.

You: "Come on, before it starts raining!" says Atefeh, who stands and grabs her coat.

Stranger: "Alright." I also stand up and, already wearing a thick hoodie, don't bother to put on another layer.

You: What university or institution do you represent?

Stranger: Table talk or my character?

You: Your character.

Stranger: University of Michigan

You: You walk out of the lodge with Atefeh, who begins talking about Harvard's recent victory over Yale at the annual Head of the Charles boat race in Cambridge, MA. You travel up the dirt path that leads from the secluded lodge into the woods, shaded dark by a thick canopy overhead.

You: Soon the two of you reach a tree with a beehive about nine feet above the ground. "Well, here it is," says Atefeh, "but now we need to find a way to get the beeswax out of it."

Stranger: We could throw some stones at it then run away and hope it falls.

You: She nods. "Looks precarious, let's get some rocks." She laughs, "I feel like a little undergrad, throwing rocks at a beehive, right?." She moves off to collect some suitable rocks. What do you do?

Stranger: I do the same. Look for rocks and at the same time examine the beehive to see where it would be best to hit.

You: It looks like if you can hit it right where it connects to the tree you could knock it off. You find a few good handfuls of solid stones and walk back to the tree. Atefeh waits. "You first," she laughs.

Stranger: "Alright... Here we go." I stand about 10 feet away from the tree and aim my best and throw the first rock.

You: +++

You: (I write +++ when I am rolling 3 dice for the result_

You: )

You: You deftly hit the beehive and knock it from the tree. It falls and hits the dirt limply, but a horde of bees emerge from the base and begin swarming all around. Atefeh shrieks. You are outside of the swarm of the bees. What do you do?

Stranger: I run the opposite way calling for Atefeh to do the same.

You: She dashes out of the swarm and is hopping up and down, and you stop when you are clear of the bees.

You: "Aah!" she cries, "they stung me on my hands!" She raises her hands, where there are several welts. A lone bee flies out of the folds of her coat.

You: The bees begin to disperse from around the hive.

Stranger: Are you alright? You're not allergic, are you?

You: "No, but it... fucking hurts!" she yelps, "Ah, let's just go and get the honey, beeswax, whatever, ah!"

Stranger: "Ok. You can stay here if you want. I can get it by myself in case there are a few stragglers." I approach the downed beehive.

You: It squats on the ground, torn open by the fall as if it was moaning. A few bees crawl over the wrecked arcology, and there are several buzzing around in the air, but inside you see that the honeycombs full of wax sit unguarded.

Stranger: I pull my long hoodie sleeves over my hands and pick it up carefully in my arms, cradling it like a baby.

You: +++

You: You do not disturb the bees too violently, and you are able to pick up the hive. Honey sticks to your sleeves and you carry it down to Atefeh. "Alright," she says, "let's get back to the lodge."

Stranger: "Sounds good to me. I'm sorry that you got stung."

You: "Yeah," she sulks, "I don't know what we were thinking." You walk back to the lodge. Yonatan putters around in the kitchen, making ham and cheese sandwiches. "Oh, you got the hive?" he calls, "I'll be upstairs in a few minutes."

You: You walk upstairs where Howard sits, beer cracked, reading the manuscript and furiously scribbling on a piece of paper.

Stranger: "Did you crack more of the code?"

You: "I've done it!" he yells when you enter, "I've got it! I'm on a roll! Ha haaa!"

You: "You're working MORE?" queries Atefeh.

You: "You know me," he grins, "Have a look at this! I figured out two more sections! This one talks about salt, and this one talks about blood!"

You: Yonatan makes his way up the stairs, chewing gormlessly. "Hah?" he says.

Stranger: "Blood...?"

You: "That's right," he says, "it's not in the illustration, but it's clearly what they're talking about! Water, water of my soul, limited and pure, that has to be blood."

You: Yonatan and Atefeh sit. "Well," she says, "I'm tired. Let's suspend disbelief and do this honey thing. We can pretend we're cavemen like all the old American men who do spirit quests."

Stranger: "Is the blood needed for the spell we planned on doing?"

You: "No, no," says Howard, "that's two pages ahead. Let me see some beeswax," he says, grinning.

You: "Ohmmmmm," says Yonatan, smiling a little.

Stranger: My reservations start to slip as the excitement of the situation finally gets to me.

You: Howard leans over the table and daps a smear of beeswax on a spare piece of paper. "My friends," he intones, causing Atefeh to crack up, "Let us connect with the spirit stags that run free within our souls. As we connect with the goddess of the earth, so too do we revive her, and in her we revive ourselves."

You: "Did you make that up?" giggles Atefeh.

You: "Yeah," Howard says, grinning, "Now, I draw this symbol..." he peers at the book and draws a symbol in the beeswax with the end of a pencil.

You: "And now I speak... let's see... ready, guys?" he looks at the book and monotones, "Se he loo oloo y'th ung Nes'u oloo di wa ie."

You: As soon as he finishes 'ie', you feel the floor drop out from underneath you. You lose your senses in a storm of water as everyone screams and falls, and with a great clash and clatter you slam through your chair into the pressed-wood planks of the first floor beneath.

Stranger: "I blame all of you"

You: Your world is smashed to pieces by the impact, and when you take a breath you inhale a great gout of water, choking and reeling, your back spasming in pain. You are soaked through and through, and are laying on the ground with your eyes clasped shut.

You: "Is- is everyone okay?" calls Yonatan. What do you do?

Stranger: I try to open my eyes and sit up.

You: You struggle through the fear and pry your eyes open, but can't sit straight up. You roll onto your side and leverage yourself into a sitting position, your back aching and your legs tingling painfully. You feel a huge bruise starting to form on the underside of your jaw.

Stranger: "This definitely isn't what the image showed. I'm not giggling."

You: Looking around, you see a huge hole missing in the ceiling, perfectly round. The table landed on its feel, although everything on top of it has been thoroughly clattered around. Yonatan and Howard are pushing themselves to their feet, and Atefeh is laying amongst the remains of her splintered chair.

You: Water splashes around the room, at least ankle-deep, although it is seeping out under the door. "My god!" roars Howard, "What the hell happened?" Yonatan staggers over and picks up Atefeh, who has a rivulet of blood steadily running down her arm into the water.

You: What do you do?

Stranger: I try to stand up to go to Atefeh's aid.

You: She has a splinter of wood jammed into the soft part of her forearm. "Aaah," she moans. "Christ!" sputters Howard, "I'm gonna get the medical kit!" He splashes off down the hallway.

You: "Rose. What happened?" Yonatan breathes. Atefeh clasps at her arm, eyes closed tightly.
Stranger: "I have no idea. A huge wave of water just came out of nowhere."

You: "Look up," growls Atefeh, "Whatever Howard said changed the god damn floor into water."

You: Howard wades back with the medical kit. "Holy hell," he murmurs, handing Yonatan a bandage to wrap Atefehs arm. With a scream from the anthropologist, Yonatan gently pulls out the splinter and begins wrapping up her arm. Meanwhile, Howard dashes back to the shaken table and frantically starts going over the manuscript.

You: What do you do?

Stranger: I walk over to the table and look at the manuscript with Howard

You: "My- my god! It's magic! This is real, actual magic! We- look at the ceiling! Oh my god, I can't believe we did this! Look! Ah haaa!" he gushes.

You: Atefeh glowers over. "We just fell through the roof!" she yells, "How can you be laughing!"

You: "Howard, it wasn't magic," says Yonatan dryly, "there's no law in chemistry that can allow for that kind of thing. A water main must have burst or something."

Stranger: "That seems like a big coincidence, don't you think? How could we have fallen through the roof if it was just a water main?"

Stranger: "And how could any water main break put a hole in the roof?"

You: "I don't know, maybe it was a buildup," says Yonatan.

You: "No, no, no, we fucking found it!" laughs Howard, flipping over the pages, "With just some beeswax! Just some beeswax! That's all! Ah ha haaa!"

You: "I'm bleeding!" shrieks Atefeh, "I hit my head! Will you put that damn book down!"

Stranger: "This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I have done some work with voodoo practitioners and I have never seen anything like this before."

You: "What, like voodoo hypnosis?" mumbles Howard, "nothing like this. Salt! I need salt!"

You: Yonatan's jaw drops. "Are you insane, man? You want to try something else when we just destroyed this place?"

Stranger: "We need to do some more research on this before we try anything else from that thing. We have no idea what it could possibly do."

You: Howard seems unreachable. "Reasearch..." he says, "reasearch... this is research! We have to find out! What if it makes us young again? What if it turns things to gold? We have to know!" he dashes over to the kitchen.

You: "Howard, plea- ah! Shit!" yelps Atefeh, grabbing her arm and doubling over.

You: Yonatan holds Atefeh. "What- come back here!" he calls.

Stranger: I take take the manuscript off of the table and tuck it under my arm where Howard can't get to it.

You: He comes back with a salt-shaker and stares right at you. "What? Put that back," he says, moving around the table.

Stranger: "No! You can't just do whatever you want. It could possibly kill us! Look what just happened to Atefeh."

You: "No!" he roars, "we can't just wait! We have to find out! This can't wait!" he lunges for the book. Yonatan sloshes over towards you and Howard.

Stranger: I hold the book to my stomach now with both hands, my arms covering it.

You: He grabs it and tries to wrench it away.

Stranger: I fold over so my chest is pressed against it and turn around as quickly and as hard as I can.

You: +++

You: You yank yourself away from him, and Yonatan plants himself between the two of you. "Come to your senses," he yells, "Think for an instant! That thing is dangerous!"

You: "I've never, ever had a chance," Howard hisses, "to do ANYthing real! My time's almost up! I'm gonna find out what this thing can do, tonight, and you're not going to stop me, Yon-a-tan!"

You: "No," states the MIT chemist. Howard rears back and slams his fist into Yonatan's jaw, knocking him clean over with a splash. Atefeh screams. What do you do?

Stranger: I keep hold to the manuscript and run into the bathroom and lock the door.

You: You dash into the old, tiled bathroom and lock the door behind you. Inside, there is a sink with drawers underneath and a crusty bath with a showerhead. In the mirror, you can see that your jaw is empurpled and you are completely soaked.

You: Howard slams into the wood and a crack runs down the body of the door. "Now you're trapped, Rose!" shouts the man desperately. What do you do?

Stranger: "You can do this on your own time! When we're not here! You don't have to possibly kill us along with yourself. One of us is already badly hurt because of this. Please just calm down!"

You: "Gimmie the book then, and you can go!"

Stranger: "No. We will leave on our own time and I will let you have the book when we are on our way."

You: You hear him utter something and he slams against the door again. The crack goes deeper, and you can see into the other room for a moment. What do you do?

Stranger: I start to panic a little and say, "Fine! We'll leave! Just don't even start to do anything until we are already out of the driveway."

You: "Unlock the door!" he yells.

Stranger: "Just don't hurt any of us anymore. Promise!"

You: "OPEN THE DOOR!" he screams.

Stranger: "PROMISE!"

You: "I don't give a shit about you anymore! Why should I hurt you?!"

Stranger: I put the book in the tub, making sure it is dry first, then unlock the door.

You: He bursts through, looks at you wild-eyed, and then shoves past, grabs the book, and runs back to the table. Yonatan is laying face-down in the water. Atefeh is sobbing silently, looking down.

You: Howard arrives at the table. What do you do?

Stranger: I run over to Yonatan and pick him up out of the water.

You: His flesh is slippery and slightly bloated. He is very heavy. You manage to pull his midsection out of it a little.

You: The room smells fragrantly of honey.

Stranger: I try to flip him over

You: With exertion you roll him over onto his back. His face is blue and puffy. Howard mechanically strews some salt on a piece of paper on the table, muttering. He appears to be horrified.

Stranger: I pay no attention to Howard and check to see if Yonatan has a pulse.

You: Howard draws something in the salt. Yonatan has no pulse. Atefeh leans against the wall, staring at Yonatan, weeping.

Stranger: I attempt to administer CPR.

You: +++

You: Despite the amount of time Yonatan has spent face-down in the water, despite the amount of water he's respirated, no matter how hard he was bashed earlier, you expertly and miraculously push the water out of his nose and restart his heart. You feel like a golden angel in the brief moment he begins to breath, in the heart of all this chaos.

You: His eyes open. "Aaah! What in the hell happened?" he mutters in his lyrical Israeli accent. "'Ash, my brain hurts!"

Stranger: I smile and give him a hug. "We have to leave. Now. Howard won't stop."

You: "What?" he says, bewildered. Atefeh has her hands over her mouth at your heroic act of lifesaving. It is at that moment that Howard utters, "F'nik tar r'oo il balak."

You: There is a flash, so bright it knocks you back, and a gale of force blasts out from the table. The room is peppered with water, and the air smells strongly of salt, as well as honey.

You: Your eyes are dazed, and in the darkness, you cannot yet make out what has happened. Yonatan is crouched below you, but you can't see anything else in the room. What do you do?

Stranger: I yell at Howard, "What the fuck did you just do?!"

You: Your eyes clear through your rage, and in the darkness, you see standing a great hulk of pure crystal the shape of a man. It catches what little light there is and shines it through the room in piercing glitters. It has a freakishly round, bulbous head, and long, thing arms and legs on a trunk-like body.

You: "Rose," gasps Atefeh, "let's run."

Stranger: I nod, and help Yonatan up.

You: Atefeh opens the front door, and Yonatan stands, gasping and choking. The crystal statue, where Howard stood a moment before, begins to creak and shift.

You: It is a short trail down to the parking lot, and Atefeh is gesturing wildly to it. Yonatan moves to the door.

Stranger: I also move towards the door as quickly as I can without leaving Yonatan out of sight.

You: You reach the outside of the door, where a heavy rain has begun to fall. Far down the trail, you can see the welcoming cement of the parking lot. You can also see two huge, round forms making their way up the side of the trail. "What the hell are those," moans Atefeh.

You: The key to the van is in your pocket.

Stranger: I sprint as fast as I humanly can to the van.

You: You descend the muddy trail, slipping and sliding with Yonatan and Atefeh at your heels. You see halfway down that it is a pair of massive grizzly bears trundling ponderously up to the lodge.

You: There is a great smashing sound from the lodge, and you can see a galaxy of wood bits flying through the air at the door, as if an entire wall had been smashed to pieces.

You: What do you do?

Stranger: I continue to the van. Hopping in and starting it up.

You: You simply run past the grizzly bears, Yonatan and Atefeh in tow, terrified. The grizzly bears look at you but do nothing aggressively. You hear great and terrible thumping sounds from the hill, like the footfalls of a giant or a series of explosions.

You: You reach the van and fumble with the keys, opening the door. Atefeh and Yonatan hop in the van, and you clamber into the drivers seat. You see the torn-off, bloody and matted hind leg of a grizzly bear descend and land with a thump next to the van.

You: What do you do?

Stranger: I start the van and attempt to drive away.

You: +++

You: You push the pedal to the metal and with a screech the van lurches forward. You put on speed rapidly, veering out of the parking lot and onto the straight road that leads off the mountain, away from the chaos of the Voynich Manuscript.

You: You have escaped.

You: .

You: Well done :)

Stranger: Thanks :D

You: How was the story?

Stranger: Awesome!

Stranger: You should be a writer.

You: Haha I'm not but thank you very much

You: This is a fun hobby

Dinosaurs vs Zombies

You: Hi there, my name is David. I am a longtime storytelling game maker. I'm inviting you to tell me any concept, setting or idea that you've found interesting recently, and I'll run a storytelling game based on it for you right here on Omegle. Tonight's special is 'zombies'.

Stranger: Dinosaurs from space vs zombies?

You: Very doable.

Stranger: :D 

You: Would living humans exist in this scenario?

Stranger: Yes, but my friend says "as a sidenote"

You: I propose that dinosaurs from space have come to colonize the earth but find it in an advanced state of zombie takeover.

You: Would you like to play as a dinosaur?

Stranger: Sounds good so far.

Stranger: I'd love to :D 

You: Please select a species, and a role that you will fill in the invasion.


Stranger: Okay, just a second

Stranger: Velociraptor 

You: The small velociraptor that actually existed or a 'raptor' as depicted in Jurassic Park, i.e. large and fast?

Stranger: The Jurassic Park one.

You: Finally, what role would you like to take during the invasion? Pilot, fighter, some kind of officer or technician etc.

You: Also, your character's name.

Stranger: A fighter pilot named Dante

You: Expelled from their ancestral home on the world of Paleotopia, your sect of dinosaurs strikes out for the stars in the colony ship Pangea to seek a new home.

Stranger: Awesome

Stranger: :)

You: After aeons of travel in stasis aboard the ship, Pangea arrives at the star Sol in the milky way. There, the age-old cryo-tubes crack open and allow hundreds of thousands of dinosaurs to set claw upon the metal panels of their mothership-home once again.

You: The wizened leadership of Pangea decrees that the temperate world of Earth shall be your new home, but a strange thing has happened to the dominant species of the planet.

You: Infected by an alien plague, the Humans have turned upon themselves, and a menace known as the 'Zombie' has been born.

Stranger: I like where you're going with this

You: Their civilization has all but collapsed, and Leaf Cutter, the ancient Chiayusaurus head of the expedition, gives a transmission to the dinosaurs of Pangea that the invasion will be swift, painless, and uninterrupted. Little does he know, the feral creatures below do not play by the rules of interstellar war...

You: Your fighter squadron, Coconut A-2, is the first Pangean unit to descend through Earth's atmosphere. Your mission is to scout the planet and discover the extent of the plague.

Stranger: :D Sweet

You: You fly your Megakratheon-Class gunboat in the right-tail of the formation, and descend over a massive city. Bonfires speckle the steelscape below, and the rooftops are caked with old gore.

Stranger: You are quite good at this

You: Shredstone, a Hypsibema in the gunboat next to you, radios you.

You: "Here we are, Dante! Ha ha haa! Did you see all those forests on the way in? We'll never go hungry again!"

Stranger: Hooray!

You: The squadron lead Lithium Claw, a Postosuchus, radios in. "Dante, we've detected a tower ahead with a huge presence of infected Humans inside. Peel off, blow it up and return to formation. Over."

You: You see the tower looming above the steely phalli below. It's windows are blackened and it is shaped like a wedge.

Stranger: Sounds ominous. :)

You: "Repeat, destroy the tower, Dante." What do you do?

Stranger: Follow orders and destroy the tower. Humans are of no importance the survival of my race, so casualties are acceptable.

You: You roll off from the squadron and lock onto the tower with the Megakratheon's weapons systems. You fire a single fusion bomb at the skyscraper. The bomb disappears into the building's base for a moment, before a blinding light erupts from the steel, causing the foundations of the building to come alight.

You: Debris flows through the air, spraying out from the explosion in a galaxy of embers. The building falls into itself like a crushed can of soda, rolling onto its side on the streets below. A huge dust cloud forms behind you as you regroup with the squadron.

You: "Good hit Dante, repeat good hit," reports Lithium Claw.

You: You speed over a huge park in the middle of the city. All is quiet as the squad collects information on the terrain when a tiny pinpoint of light appears from the park below.

You: "Squad, we have a projectile incoming," squawks Lithium Claw, seemingly unconcerned, "monitor progress, over."

You: Shredstone calls in, "Chief, it looks like it's heading for Dante's gunboat..."

Stranger: Intense

Stranger: :)

You: "What method is it using for tracking, over."

You: "I can't tell... it's not astral-transmission... not matter-inception... not light-latching..."

You: "Oh my stones! Is it heat-seeking?"

You: "We're not even built to evade that anymore!"

Stranger: :D

You: You feel like you've been slapped by a god and your cockpit turns to light around you.

You: The next thing you know, your gunboat is spinning uncontrollably and the torque is bending your neck to the breaking point.

You: "Pull out! Pull out! Dante's been hit!" barks Lithium Claw.

You: The city and the sky spin in a whirl outside of your cockpit, and spit flies from your razor-sharp teeth in the wind as the glass of your cockpit breaks loose and goes floating over the city.

You: You see the buildings rise around you, and then

You: Quiet and darkness.

You: You awake, how later you do not know, in the wreckage of your gunboat. You are in a maze of crushed metal within it, and you see that you have cuts and bruises all over your scales.

You: What do you do?

Stranger: Try to stay conscious and grab the radio, trying to contact anyone I can without drawing attention to myself that would cause the zombies to attack.

You: You activate the radio and call in mayday, but the circuitry has been smashed. You begin to hear hollow moans coming from the street outside your warplane.

You: You take quick survey of your equipment. You have three days rations of dried meat, you have your trusty zorcher raygun with full charge, and you have a single pluton bomb.

You: What do you do?

Stranger: Take all that I can and attempt to regroup with nearest squadron, weaving my way through the chaos.

You: What kind of area do you head for?

Stranger: Away from the zombies, somewhere where I can begin to try to dress my wounds and decide on a further plan of action

You: You peek your eyes just above the terminus of the cockpit. You see dozens of zombies, torn and rent in ways you've never seen living creatures be, stomping quickly towards the curled hulk of your fighter plane. Peering down the street, you see a large swath of grass and trees perhaps half a mile away. The street is dark for the towers surrounding you, blocking the sun.

You: Do you head for the trees?

Stranger: Yes

You: You sling the packets of meat around your midsection, holster your pluton bomb and take your zorcher in hand.

You: +++

You: (when I type +++, I am rolling three dice for the outcome)

Stranger: -crossing fingers for a good outcome-

You: You leap from the top of your beloved plane, landing your claws on a pair of the zombies, whose heads are smashed into the concrete by the impact. You spring and weave down the street, blasting zombie after zombie to cinders with the tendrils of death spitting forth from the zorcher. A pair of healthy-looking Humans carrying small hand-weapons run past an intersection, firing their guns loudly at passing zombies. You bite the head from one, swallowing the morsel, giving you a burst of energy. A swipe of your tail in passing knocks the other one down to be feasted upon by your pursuers, and- you make it!

You: You slide past a final street and into the swathe of trees. You can see that they are not infinite- buildings loom on the other side as well.

You: Corpses lay, holes and gashes in them, all throughout the trees. You take a moment to bandage the bleeding wounds you sustained in the crash.

Stranger: Oh no..

You: From deeper within the park, you hear the sporadic fizzle of... automatic gunfire. What do you do?

Stranger: Go to investigate, but try to be as silent as possible so that if it leads to an undesirable circumstance, I can leave with no problems.

You: +++

You: Hunching low, you stride through the underbrush like a scaled missile. You see that there is a long, gleaming body of water inside the park. Next to it, you see two groups of Humans in military garb. One of the groups is younger, terrified, firing machine guns at a horde of zombies pouring in from the north side of the park. The other group is squatting around a series of maps. They are older and wear their equipment more casually than the younger men.

You: As you approach, one of them looks up and says, "What the fuck is that?"

You: The second group stands, looking over intently. What do you do?

Stranger: Can I talk to them?

You: You have a universal communicator. How you make contact is up to you.

Stranger: Okay, so I tell them that I am also trying to destroy the zombies and convince them to let me into their ranks. They are unaware of my real intentions once the zombies are gone though. Right now they are simply a means of protection to help my wounded self locate my fellow dinosaurs.

You: You step forth from the trees, beginning with, "I come in peace!"

You: "Holy shit, it's a motherfucking dinosaur!"

You: The men gape and fumble to shoulder their rifles. They stand like a phalanx of spearmen. "GET DOWN," roars one of them, "LAY DOWN ON THE GROUND!"

You: What do you do?

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