Friday, December 29, 2023

Review of Investigating Censor at World Building and Woolgathering

Solomon VK reviewed my new dark RPG wargame Investigating Censor at World Building and Woolgathering as part of a recent post.

I was originally inspired to put up Investigating Censor at as well as DTRPG because Solomon put his setting sourcebook Punth there, and I liked the minimalism of the site's appearance and process. Where to publish game PDFs is a real consideration, as DTRPG will give you a better deal if you do digital publishing exclusively through them. However, I had multiple motivations to diversify because I wasn't sure that Investigating Censor would pass DTRPG's content review; their content policy standards have seemed mercurial at times. 

I have been writing another adventure for Investigating Censor (The Hands of Lacquermere) intended to demonstrate applications of all concepts in the base game; it is geographically smaller-scale than Seven Leopards, encompassing a single polity and its surrounding wilds, but is much higher-resolution. Solomon, your Herculean spirit has stood behind me with brass knuckles and a club of wild olive during the editing process. I know that if I were to stretch sentences in the fashion of Procrustes, you would challenge me to a wrestling match, break my ribs, and consort with my female relatives, and so I have levied a grave and severe edit on The Hands of Lacquermere.

I want to draw attention to Semiurge's recent post, D20 Things That Might Go Wrong If You Have Too Many Hirelings, which would be an excellent addition to an Investigating Censor GM's toolbox, or anyone running a retinue-based wargame. 

Stay tuned for The Hands of Lacquermere!


  1. Lacquermere's a great name, one of those names that rolls off the tongue and sticks in the brain. Looking forward to its Hands.

    1. Glad you like it! For some reason meres and mires have been on the dome lately; I'm currently editing a large city-state adventure set in a place called Fowlingmere; Seven Leopards had Sugarcane Mire, and Moonrhythm Mire was the last (and first) large adventure I put out

  2. Well, there's something to take into the New Year!


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