Thursday, September 9, 2021

Noisms Interview: David McGrogan on His Life and Work

Summary: I realized that there was no existential barrier to just asking David McGrogan (Noisms, of Monsters & Manuals) if he’d like to do an interview, so I did, and he agreed! Tonight I will add a list of the things that we discussed. For now, have at it.

David’s blog contains commandingly lucid meta-discussion of roleplaying games as well as new game content following on his sui generis Yoon-Suin and other projects such as the Peridot. He has recently released the first region of his new project: the Fixed World, a place where the sun never shifts, so that multiple stages of spring or fall might be found in (and sectionally define) the same town.


  1. Valuable stuff in these interviews. Not unappreciated.

    1. I’m glad to hear that, Solomon. There’s a quality to us where when someone produces powerful work, we want to know more about them personally. I think that’s natural and worth following up on, even though a work stands on its own in its ultimate merit


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