Monday, September 27, 2021

The Blackberries

Summary: The Blackberries are spirits of a Shinto Seattle. I’m still traveling but I wanted to post this, which is derived from this.

    The Blackberries
A conspiracy that pushes its way between dimensions. Stick and carrot. They kill, they spread, they edge into human spaces like wolves who wish to become dogs and guarantee their existence among the stars with mankind, or study and shape us like the mi-go. They form barrier-councils by the roadside, corralling humans into our infrastructure while offering treats and goodwill like foreign Civil Affairs specialists. They want to be our friends but they want to shape our behavior and kill everything else. Other species are peaceful and easily strangled; edged out of the sun, made difficult for us to identify. The blackberries’ barbarian ally, the nettle, stands deeper in the forest as a hardline against intrusion.

Elements or aspects
1. Rocky beaches
2. Wind blasted stone-isles and their tidal systems
3. Blackberry roads
4. The steepest hills
5. The cold, gray, wet depths
6. Flowerpeaks; the House of the Sun
7. The mountain pass; beyond, deserts of dry grass
8. Sudden wild gorges, beastpaths in the city. The blackberries cannot crowd the rock-rivers
9. Waterbridges, and below, crowded houseboats
10. The Great Pool. Attracts all, good and bad
1l. The Bazaar of Riddles. It is infinite, but rots the further from the entry you go and is possessed by violent madmen at the explored extremes. Rivulets of urine creep their way in from the outer dark at night; they make little rivers down the domovoi-deserted shrine-slopes
12. The Thousandfold Home. A vast annex of conjoined domestic places each decorated and arranged with the artifacts and love of its own proprietor; open for transit but not for inhabitation by non-proprietors.

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