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Butterflyman Raiding Party

Treasure Table

This is a “push your luck game” inspired by this game.

You begin with 12 d8-Prowess butterflyman raiders.

Roll an encounter, and then roll on the Treasure Table if instructed to.

Decide whether you will continue the raid or return to your meadows with the plunder.

If you continue, roll another encounter.

Repeat until the band has been destroyed or you have returned to the meadows.

Your party has one use of fireball, which can be used in an encounter to launch d20 attacks at every enemy present. 

    Encounters (d20)
1 Aphidwomen: Pick one of your characters. Roll prowess against d4 d6 times. For each success (not draw), receive a gift of nectar worth 1❂.
2 Myconid city: The mushroom men trade secrets for secrets. For each encounter you have completed, you gain a +1 bonus that can be applied to any roll if declared immediately beforehand. There is no limit to how many such bonuses can be applied to a roll.
3 A strange prophet with three faces. Next time you would make a treasure check, make two, but add +d4 to your next Encounter roll.
4 A band of drunken Brythonic pirates burying something near the coast. You may descend upon them and Fight [vs 2d4 d4s]; if you succeed, roll on the TT.
5 Basking barnaclemen. Something is nestled among their rocks: you may descend and Fight [vs 2d4 d4+1s], rolling on the TT if successful.
6 Earwigmen, guarding something half-hidden in the grass. You may descend and Fight [vs 2d4 d6s], rolling on the TT if successful.
7 A covey of partridgemen. There are d10 of them. If they outnumber you, they will attack and you must Fight [vs d8 d4s, except one who is a d8 leader]. If your raiding party equals or outnumbers the partridgemen, you may trade with them for a minor profit (d4❂), or you may have one of your characters challenge their leader to single combat. If you win, the surviving partridgemen will join your force. If the partridgeman leader wins, the solidification of his dominance is reward enough for him, and you are allowed to depart (if you attack afterwards and win, you take d4❂ from the slain partridgemen).
8 Force of earwigman reavers hauling something from a burning giant termite mound. You may descend and Fight [vs 3d4 d6s], rolling on the TT if successful.
9 Pit of thousands of poisonous centipedes: You may select a butterflyman or other flyer to make a lightning dive into the pit, trying to snatch something of value from near its bottom. The character must roll Prowess against d4 three times and succeed each time; a draw forces him out of the pit and he must restart the three d4 ladder if he wishes to acquire any treasure, a failure kills. If he succeeds, roll on TT. You may also fireball the pit to annihilate the centipedes and go straight to the TT.
10 Earwigman warband with its baggage train. You may descend and Fight [vs 4d4 d6s] to roll+d4 on the TT. 
11 Grimlock warband piling something at the mouth of a cavern. You may descend and Fight [vs 3d4 d8s] to roll +d4 on the TT.
12 Giant wasps massacring a column of human refugees. You may flee the scene or zoom in to help, in which case you Fight [vs 4d4 d8s], after which the surviving, grateful refugees dip into their heirlooms to reward you. Roll+4 (not +d4) on the TT.
13 Earwigman knights on giant centipedes. You may descend and Fight [vs 2d4 d10s]. Roll twice on the TT.
14 Earwigman army. You may descend and Fight. Each of your characters is assigned an earwigman. Roll a d6 for each. On a 6, the earwigman is a d8 leader. Otherwise it’s a d6 warrior. As soon as one of your characters kills an earwigman, that earwigman is replaced (rolling the d6 for its type); there is no ganging up on earwigmen. Nor are you ganged up on, as you can pick your band’s position and then fight in formation. For every 10 earwigmen you kill, roll a d4. On a 4, the earwigmen break and rout, leaving their camp-tunnel open for you to plunder. Roll+d4 4 times on the TT.
15 Tarantella spider sitting on top of something. You may descend and Fight [one d10]. Ties count as losses for you. Roll on TT.
16 Giant swans and their worshippers, a pristine lake partly enclosed by white cliffs containing a cavern in which there is something that glints at you. You may descend and Fight [d4 d10 giant swans and 3d4 d4 zealots]. If you succeed, roll+1 on the TT.
17 Cyclops with something in its club-bindle: d12 prowess. Roll +2 on TT
18 Roc with something in its stomach. d20 prowess. Roll+4 on TT.
19 Dragon. Roll a d4. On a 1, it’s not interested in you and you may leave if you so choose. On a 2-3, it demands all your treasure, and if you prevaricate or have nothing it attacks. On a 4, it attacks. In a Fight, the dragon begins by breathing fire, annihilating d4 of your characters. It has d20 Prowess. It breathes fire at the start of each round, annihilating d4 of your characters. If you kill it, roll+d8 on the TT.
20+ Demon. d20 prowess, and roll d20+4 on the encounter table to determine its backup. If you roll another demon, also roll the d20+4 again and so forth. No treasure, you cannot decline battle as the demon is faster than you and has spells to force you to the ground.

    Treasure Table (d20)
1 Nothing
2 Surprise encounter
3 Larder (bits and pieces of giant insects): 1❂.
4 Huge ball of disgusting earwax - delicious food for butterflymen. Gain +1 to rolls next encounter.
5 Bunch of sheep: Worth 2d4❂.
6 Captives: roll d8
    {1} Woodpeckermen: d4+1 [d8] woodpeckermen join your raiding party.
    {2} Prince or Princess: roll d4
        [1]-Human princess of the swan worshipping people. Return to Giant Swan polity for free TT+d4 check.
        [2]-Atlantean prince; anemic hemophiliac with pneumonia. If he’s alive at the end of the raid you can ransom him for 10❂, but each turn roll a d8; on a 1, he dies.
        [3]-Ebony-armored barbarian prince with a two-headed hippogriff chained near the cage. Can have him join your band as d10 warrior or accept an immediate 5❂ to ransom him.
        [4]-Butterflyman prince: Joins your band as d12 warrior. Gain 5❂ at the end of the raid if he survives.
    {3} Calm wizard with a secret. Prowess d4 in combat but prowess d12 to Encounter(1) and Treasure(18) prowess checks, also gain 1 use of fireball.
    {4} Moody visionary blessed by an Etruscan goddess. d12 Prowess but cannot be used for Encounter(1) and Treasure(18) prowess checks because his heart is with his wife (who might be dead). After each encounter, a d4-strength cultist arrives to join the raid.
    {5} Glossolalian thief: Fights as d8 warrior and can roll against d12 to bypass an encounter for whatever its treasure is if successful; if he fails, he must spend a round in single combat with the most powerful enemy present. If you opt not to have him attempt the theft, the encounter happens normally.
    {6} Bugbears: Gain d6 d8 warriors.
    {7} Woodwose: Gain a d6 warrior. After each encounter that he survives, he goes up in die size until he reaches d12 as he gradually adopts butterflyman culture and becomes more and more synchronized with the raiding band.
    {8} Ringleader of orphan thieves. Starts as d4 and goes up one die size after each encounter up to d10 as rogues gather around him. If he would die, he can go down one die size instead as the ablative thieves are slain. He dies if he loses at d4.
7 Falconfeather cloak: Worth 2d6❂.
8 Pots full of strange fluid and wax: Roll d4. On an odd, it’s worth nothing. On an even, it’s worth 4d4❂.
9 Pile of pearls, may be eggs. Worth 3d4❂.
10 Valuable piece of a dead giant moth: Worth 4d4❂.
11 Ancient tablets containing some form of information- sort of indecipherable. Worth 3d6❂.
12 Egyptian funerary relics, secreted here by exiled tomb raider. Worth d12❂+d4❂.
13 Single gem at bottom of deadly pool: Pick a character and roll d4 vs Prowess. Failure = death, tie = can try again. Worth d20❂, determined after recovery.
14 Magical weapon of unknown provenance: no combat bonus but it looks great. Worth 3d6❂.
15 Silphium draught: sell for 5❂, or when a character would die, reroll.
16 Larvae of high-status creature. Worth 5d4❂
17 Heavy regalia: requires 2 characters to carry off; they will be absent from the next encounter. Worth 3d12❂, determined after they return.
18 Female-only human colony commissioning 1-off stud service on a kind of dejima for males. Select 1 character and roll their die; reward is ❂ equal to the result x 2.
19 Auspicious gall bladder- performing haruspicy on the veins reveal layout of local region. Choice of 3d4❂, or rolling your next encounter and then optionally rerolling it.
20 Herd of tameable hippogriffs: Choose a character and roll Prowess vs d12. On a match or failure he’s killed and the hippogriffs fly away, on a success every party character present gains +d4 to all combat prowess checks, OR sell the hippogriffs for 6d4❂.
21+ Welsh Dorado: massive hoard of gold. 3d12 x 10❂

Pair characters, 1 for 1 from your raiding party and the enemy. If there’s any left over, assign them to enemies as Outnumbering fighters. Vice versa if you are outnumbered

1v1: Both roll Prowess. Losing characters die. If it’s tied, there’s another round after all current fights have been resolved. Winning characters can move in to Outnumber an enemy on the next round.

If ANY outnumbering rolls higher than the enemy, the enemy dies and no friendlies die.
If an outnumbering character rolls equal to the enemy, a friendly character who rolled lower than the enemy dies (if there were any), then there’s another round.
If if the outnumbering characters rolled lower than the enemy, one of your Outnumbering characters dies, then there’s another round.

After a round of fighting, you may retreat. This ends the encounter.
You cannot retreat if all enemies can fly, nor against encounter 20.

The band can return to the meadows at any time between encounters, ending the game. Your score = treasure / number of surviving characters, rounding up.

Disclaimer: butterflymen and aphidwomen and wizards et al all hooking up is my Core Theme, not David’s; blame me for this madness

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