Sunday, February 26, 2023

Writing Enterprise

No use hedging or making any bones about it; I want to be a professional writer. My plan is to gradually (read: as soon as possible) build a writing-related income until I can subsist on it in an inexpensive area (or until I predict that my savings will carry me to that point), at which point I will make preparations to exit my career to focus full-time on writing and the activities necessary to refine, promote, and distribute it.

The primary effort for the time being is Fierce Firelight, where I put up my stories, readings and interviews.
Part of the ability to do something full-time is to have the resources to do it full-time, so I've set up a Patreon and ko-fi in support of Fierce Firelight.
It's good to have something to sell, so I'm commissioning a piece of art from Evlyn Moreau for Star Index, which I'll stat for several different games and then put on itch and dtrpg as a PDF. 

Once I have a full RPG book, I'll do a print run via Kickstarter.

When I was a little kid and they asked us what we wanted to do when we grew up, I gave two answers. The first answer I gave was "author," the second was something else. I already did the second thing, now it's time to pursue the first.


Гуси-лебеди, 1967


  1. I'm really glad to see this. Support this 100%.
    Also, that's a really beautiful piece of art. I was not familiar with his work, thank you for the introduction.

  2. Good luck, Huck.

    It's a long slow process getting financial solvency in the writing game. Keep pushin'.

    1. Thank you! No doubt you're right. It seems my boats have been burned by neurotype or fate or what have you; this is what I've got and I've got to make something of it

    2. Bold question, maybe—you don't know me, but—what value do you hope to bring to your community through writing?

    3. Simply the life-value of reading it. I don't think that's automatic, though; I think whether or not I bring value will be the ultimate determinant of whether or not I'm successful

  3. To paraphrase Gene Wolfe - if you absolutely can't stop yourself writing, you're probably a writer. Best of luck, my friend.

    1. Thanks, Ed. It's been good to have you as a correspondent

  4. Good luck to you. I always wanted to be a writer as well, and have been trying to implement the same strategy, but real life has a tendency to get in the way. Let's chat about it.

    1. Let's! Regarding life getting in the way, I've been finding that if I lay down after work with my laptop ready but to the side, it serves a dual purpose of refreshing me somewhat when I don't want to do anything, and getting to the edge of sleep while thinking about what's happening in the story causes solid prose descriptions of what you see in your imagination to come forward of their own accord- it's slower than sitting down hyper-caffeinated and just attacking something, but it's something that I'm willing to do when I'm exhausted by something else, and what comes out is often on the more mellifluent side of what I'm capable of writing


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